Will A Facebook Fan Page Help My Business?

In a nut shell, yes! Facebook marketing and advertising is booming : 92% of marketers use Facebook and 75% of marketers planed to boost their use in 2011 ( 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report ). Facebook Marketing in the last decade has changed at the break neck pace. Facebook Marketing for Dummies does a good, but not great, job of identifying helpful resources on the Internet for more information.

On March 30th, 2012, all Business Fan Pages on Facebook switched to a whole new timeline format. Custom Fan Pages vary $199 to $399, but don't allow that to stop you. It has so much potential for organizations

Facebook fan page walls can be an incredibly beneficial tool for communicating with clients and prospective customers. Facebook Fan Page Secrets was created with the small business owner in mind. Facebook Fan Pages enable a business to interact with customers and build a relationship of trust and value. Facebook Fan Page or Cause Page Includes: Setting up the ‘Info’ page including: Profile Picture, Basic & Detailed Info. Send initial and ongoing ‘Invites’. Distribute relevant, educational, informative and resourceful content, articles or links as a Fan Update blast or Wall Post. Discover Facebook Pages -- This is an official Facebook Fan Page browser that will show pages organized by All, Music, Movies, Television, People, Brands & Products according to your geographic location.

Once you've created your organization fan page, make it more shareable and more readily found by setting up a identifiable vanity URL Once you have a page, you will want to generate targeted visitors and build awareness of the page to discover new friends or fans, and initiate discussions with them. Your Business Page needs to be both interactive and dynamic, certainly not static. Facebook is constantly changing and so should your page.

Facebook fan pages are the demand of current day online marketing. Facebook Fan Pages are a good way to showcase your online business. Facebook Fan Pages make it possible for an organization to have interaction with prospects and grow a relationship of trust and value. Facebook Fan Pages happens to be an incredibly beneficial resource for pulling substantial targeted prospects to your web-site or blog site. Facebook Fan Pages are searchable, and so are indexed by Google as well as other search engines.

I've been involved with online eCommerce since 2006 when I built a small online shop on the free webspace Cable TV providers use to give you. It was just two pages linked together with some pictures and buy now buttons. In 2007 I moved up to the Zencart Shopping Cart software. My current store is Your Neighborhood Store. In 2009 I started Marketing Software Group to sell the software I was going to offer.

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