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Remote Page Management is just one of the many Marketing Features offered at Fan Page Management.  Remote Page Management is simply the ability to control elements of a page remotely.

The remote control offered at Fan Page Management allows you to control videos, and text on a remote page. You get the control by having a small code snippet placed on the remote site. With the code snippet installed you can add a Video with a lot of options, see below.




I placed two code snippets on the store product page during my testing.

One snippet creates the video, video title, and the box of text below the video.

The second snippet creates the smaller video of the professor, and it will start the main video.

As you seen at the beginning of the video disabling the elements makes they disappear. But, there is more you can do once the snippet is on the remote page.

First of all everything added is completely mobile friendly. Looking at the graphic above you'll have lots of options you can set or not.

The 1) option VIDEO SOURCE lets you set where the video is coming from. It can be self-hosted, youtube, S3, or anywhere you can get a url that points to the video. That option is also where you would set, "Video SEO, FB & SiteMap Data" the search engine sees and helps you get listed by them.

The 2) options as the name suggests is the video "Behavior" is if the video will auto-start, or end. The video size, and if it should start or stop another video.

Option 3) is, "Appearance & Layout". As the name suggests this is where you set how the video will look, skin, left/right, or center. You also get to set Custom CSS, and Tracking.

This post would go on, and on listing the remaining 9 tabs, so I'll save them for another video. Hit the connect button below and I'll let you know as I release new videos.

I've been involved with online eCommerce since 2006 when I built a small online shop on the free webspace Cable TV providers use to give you. It was just two pages linked together with some pictures and buy now buttons. In 2007 I moved up to the Zencart Shopping Cart software. My current store is Your Neighborhood Store. In 2009 I started Marketing Software Group to sell the software I was going to offer.

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