Membership Options Page

This page was created and published: Jun 29, 2013 and many of the features listed below are still available. Between 2012 - 2016 the features below were incorporated. The features were designed to allow you to create viral material, and get it seen. In 2015, or 2016 Presentation Manager was introduced, and that was a game changer!

Now in 2019 the Presentation Manager combined with an excellent Page Creator, and a host of Marketing, and Tracking features designed to not only get people to your page, but to keep them there!

Stay tuned to this page as the new features are added.

Below are the Memberships offered. 

Fan Page Management using the finest and most up-to-date tools for marketing offers over 140 marketing and viral features.



  • Video/Text Opt-in Page (Squeeze Page)
  • Thank You Page / No Exit Target Page
  • Product Review Page

3-way SEO

  • - Video Sitemaps
  • - Facebook + Open Graph Tags
  • - Video Rich-Text Snippets
  • - Post Your Videos To Your Timeline With 1 Click

Responsive Video Re-sizing:

  • - Looks great on all devices. Both the video and skin re-sizes.
  • - SVP 2.0 Videos embedded on other sites will re-size to fit.
  • - 15 Pro built in skins and unlimited CSS Skins.

List Building with In-Video Opt-ins:

  • - Full Autoresponder Integration with:
  • - A-Weber, GetResponse, and MailChimp
  • - Timed & Responsive - Full size, pauses the video
  • - 1/4 size option display at the bottom while the video plays.


Plus access to all the features listed below: VIDEO FEATURE LIST


Page Editor Membership

You will have ALL the features of the LITE membership PLUS you will be able to create unlimited Tab Pages on UNLIMITED managed Fan Page.

With the Fan Page Editor Membership you will login to this site to manage all your Fan Page Tabs Pages. You can create an unlimited number of Tab Pages and connect them to an unlimited number of Facebook Fanpage.




Facebook & WordPress Page Editor Membership

With the Facebook & WordPress Page Editor Membership you can Create and Manage an unlimited

number of Facebook Fanpages on Fan Page Management site, and use all the viral tools on your site. 

You will also be able to create the same type of pages in your WordPress Blog. 

Build and Manage an unlimited number of Fan Pages for You!

Everything you need to Create a custom Fan Page!

Use your custom Logo's

Drive Traffic to your Fan Pages and WordPress Pages!

Viral Toolset automatically built in! 

Like/Comment/Send/Google+ Reveal Page on your blog.

Timed Content Reveal pages on your blog.

Video/Text Opt-in Page (Squeeze Page)

Thank You Page / No Exit Target Page

Product Review Page

You will be able to use all the Viral Tools on your own WordPress Blog.





Play Self-hosted / Amazon S3 Videos / Play YouTube Hosted Videos

3-Level Video SEO
* Video Site Map - Google SEO
* Video Rich Text for SEO
* Open Graph Tags - Facebook & Google SEO


Auto Play-in-View

Curate YouTube Videos
* Set Start point
* Set Stop Point

Redirect URL When Complete

Timed Page Content Reveal

15 Pro Skins / Unlimited Custom CSS Skin Styles

Video Lightbox Display

Responsive Video Resizing

Alignment Control
* One Click Centering
* Text Wrap Left/Right

Video Grid Display

Hide or Auto Hide Control Bar

Full Screen Option

Enable User Embed

Allow Affiliate Embed

Embed on HTML / PHP Sites

Begin Splash Images

Mobile Only Begin Splash Images

End Splash Images
* Call to Action
* Link to URL
* Working PayPal Buy Button
* Scroll to another Section of Same Page
* Cloakable Link

Logo Branding
* Set Transparency for Watermark Effect
* Link to URL
* Cloakable Link
* Scroll to another Section of Same Page
* Set Position

Multiple Banner Ads
* Perfectly Time Entry Point and Exit Point
* Link to URL
* Cloakable Link
* Scroll to another Section of Same Page
* Set Position

Viral Buttons
* Facebook Like with Social Proof
* YouTube Subscribe
* Twitter Tweet with Social Proof
* Pinterest Pin-it
* Custom Description for Tweet/Pin

PayPal Buy Button
* Perfectly Time Entry Point and Exit Point
* Direct PayPal Purchases
* Set Position

Custom HTML Overlay

Overlay Email Signup Forms
* Perfectly Time Overlay Appearance
* Use Any Optin Form Code
* Integrates w/ Aweber, GetResponse & MailChimp
* Full Screen Optin Pauses Video
* 1/4 Screen Optin displays while video plays
* 9 Opt-in Form Color Schemes
* Custom Optin Background Image

Master Video Template

Copy Page + Video Content Instantly

Global Video Manager
* Use Global Videos in Anywhere on your theme
* Embed Global Videos on Your HTML Sites
* Use Global Videos in the SVP Widget

SVP Video Widget
* Choose which pages the Video Widget displays on!
* Create Video Grids Inside Your SideBars
* Create Video Grids Inside Your SideBars
* Open SideBar Videos in a Lightbox

* Offer Video Assent Management to Clients
* Organize ALL Sites' Videos from ONE PLACE
* Instantly Change Videos on Any Site
* One-click Enable/Disable Client Videos
* Manage Videos Across Website Networks Instantly


Launch Sequence Video Scheduling
* Set Exact START Date and Time
* Set Exact END Date and Time
* Teaser Icons for Drip Fed Video Content
* Chain up to 10 Scheduled Vides on on 1 page

Evergreen Video Scheduling
* Set Start and End Times Based on First Visit
* Tracks by IP Address
* Option to Reset Timer for Every Visit
* Teaser Icons for Drip Fed Video Content

Built in Countdown Timer - Point and Click
* Near End Time Display
* Position Above or Below Video
* Choose Color
* 3 sizes
* Instant View
* Customize Time Headline


Display Walk-on Transparent Videos (flv format)

Alternate Mobile Walk-on Video (mp4 format)

Hide Overlay Video Player When Finished

Exact Position Within Content

Exact Position to Lock to Browser Window

Set Trigger Points in Content to play overlay