Make Your Blog Pop With The WP Slider Commander Plugin

The WP Slider Commander Plugin is just so easy to use and your blog gets an eye-catcher.[/customborder]

In the sidebar I'm using it to highlight WordPress Plugin Variety Pack CD, I have for sale. It contains 3 very powerful plugins (and a 30 video WordPress Video library as a bonus, plus a link to specially priced products just for buyers of this CD series. I've already started working on Vol. 2, and I bet you can guess one of the plugins on that volume will be the

WP Slider Commander Plugin.

[pgsm-slideshow id="2"]

Examples of the The WP Slider Commander Plugin in action are to your right, and above. The slider in the sidebar is showing you the WordPress Plugin Variety Pack CD, and each picture is hyperlinked.

WP Slider Commander


I've been involved with online eCommerce since 2006 when I built a small online shop on the free webspace Cable TV providers use to give you. It was just two pages linked together with some pictures and buy now buttons. In 2007 I moved up to the Zencart Shopping Cart software. My current store is Your Neighborhood Store. In 2009 I started Marketing Software Group to sell the software I was going to offer.

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