Get ready to combine the power of video with the viral nature of Facebook and build a targeted cash generating email list without even needing a website or an advertising budget!



Here is something that I bet you've heard before: " The money is in the list! "
Yea we all know it, but every time someone says this age old fact if making money online right away there is someone else who responds with: But I don't have a list, I dont have traffic to send to a squeeze page, and I don't have a huge ad budget to buy traffic... What can I do?
It's a catch 22 that plagues many aspiring internet marketers. You need a list in order to make money online, but you need money to buy traffic for your squeeze page so you can build a list. It's a hamster wheel that just keeps spinning the struggling marketer around and around but in the end they never really go anywhere. They never get the list and the never make any money.
UNTIL NOW!orangeunderlinetimelineoptins-myspThere is a solution. Instead of trying to drive traffic to your squeezepage why not just put your squeeze page where the traffic already is.  Just think about it. If you where a hotdog vendor would you put your stand on back ally and try to get people to come out of their way to buy your hotdogs, or would you put your stand on main street where everyone already is? Of course you would put your stand on main street, its just common sense. It's the same with building a list. 
What if you could put your squeeze page video and optin form right where traffic already is?What if you could put in front a virtually unlimited stream of highly targeted people for any niche you could possibly want to promote? Best of all what if you could do it 100% for free as much as you like?




Promotional video plays giving the viewer 'teaser' info or explaining what they get when they opt in.Customizable opt in form shows after a preset interval.



When the user opts in you collect their name and email and they are redirected to any URL that you want. Create your post in under 30 seconds, add a graphic, video code, auto responder settings and redirect URL.

With over 1.2 billion active users Facebook has all of the traffic you could ever want, all you have to do is get your squeeze page on Facebook where all that traffic already is.

With Timeline Optins you can put your squeeze page video and opt in form on any Facebook fanpagethat you own or manage, on any Facebook group you are a member of, on your own timeline, or in a friends timeline. You can finally break out of the hamster wheel and start building a targeted and profitable email list without the catch 22 of needing to spend money to drive paid traffic to your squeeze pages, without needing a website, or to spend hours struggling with confusing traffic methods like SEO.
If you can fill out a simple form and share a link on Facebook you can build a list with Timeline Optins!

We all know that the money is in the list, in fact just look at the kind of income
you can make with a responsive email list:


Finally with Timeline Options YOU can start building that profitable email list that you've always wanted!


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