Engagement Strategies That Make Your Fan Page Likeable

Engagement Strategies

Your page should have a human feel to it. People like pages to connect with, so make sure you connect with them.

Be real with your fans. If you're real with your fans they'll like, and trust you, and that is what you what.

Talk about your business experiences. Talking about your brand will give it life. That will help make it real for your fans.

Deal with negative comments right away. Gone are the days you could wait a day or two before responding to negative comments. With customers posting in real time, you need to respond quickly.

Engage positive commenters. Social networks makes it possible to be sociable with your customers, or fans outside of your business.

Provide real value without charging for it. A great way to build trust and credibility.

You should always be thankful for your fans for their support, and let them know it.

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