Don’t Get Caught In The Facebook Traffic Trap

Facebook is the place to be in the online world today. This is true for both marketers and consumers because the general public seems to spend a lot of time on Facebook today and the marketers know this very well. The only problem is, most marketers do not know that there is Facebook Trap that is waiting for them.

What is the Facebook trap?

While Facebook seems to be the answer to the traffic problems to most internet marketers but they are not aware that this is just what it seems to be on the surface. Many internet marketers who had given Facebook a try will tell you that the traffic isn’t what they are expecting especially if they have been comparing it to the traffic from Google. There is a huge difference between the traffic that is coming from the search engines and traffic from Facebook.
The main difference here is that most people are not aware that traditional search marketing tactics that worked before will not work on Facebook traffic. This is because the people on the search engine are looking for something. And if the keyword that they used in the search engine relates to your offer, then you will be targeting users that are actually looking for a solution (your product) to their problems.

However this is usually not the case for those who are spending their time on Facebook. For example, most of the people on Facebook are there to socialize with their friends and showing off what they had for lunch or sharing pictures of their neighborhood cat or anything else that interests them while many others would be browsing around curious about what their friends are doing. Almost no one hangs out in Facebook trying to solve a problem. There are however people there who are interested in your offers... but just not quite the level that you will find on a search engine. There are those on Facebook because they want to play games and compete with their friends.

So when you have such a different crowd of people on Facebook, you will be sure to find that you won’t be able to use the old methods that you use on search engines and expect the same results as before. In fact, the results will be a far cry away from your ideal and projected results. This is the Facebook trap. On the surface it looks like a gold mine, but this is not your usual gold mine. The Facebook mine is deep and none of the gold is anywhere near the surface. You’ll have to dig deep into the mine to reach them.

So how then should you approach this audience that you get from Facebook? The traffic is huge over at Facebook so you won’t have to worry about the volumes of your traffic. What you need to worry about is how you can get them out of the Facebook environment and engage them in a way where it will be most advantageous to you.

Identify Your Target Market

With Facebook, you will have to target your traffic carefully. You will have to be very picky. The good news is that you won’t have to worry that there won't be enough traffic to turn a profit because if there is one thing that Facebook has, it’s traffic. Therefore, you will need to do your market research and then reach out to these people.

Use a Fanpage and Facebook ads to get to these targeted people at a very low cost. Next you will have to move them outside of Facebook by encouraging them to sign up to your newsletter, or something else to engage them, like a Contest. Treat the fan page and ads as a bridge to connect them to the world outside of Facebook. This way you will be able to market to them in a more personal manner later on by using email marketing.

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