Memberships At Fan Page Management Will Re-Open Soon


The memberships at Fan Page Management will re-open soon. The number of memberships that will be available will be very limited so I've changed the way they will be offered.

Since the number of memberships will be limited I will offer them first to the people that have shown the most interest. Those will be the people that have signed up either at the website or on the squeeze page and you could enter my monthly giveaway and try your luck at winning a one year membership here:

Recently there has been lots of products to help your marketing on Facebook, and most are great products. But, most only do one or maybe two things (if your lucky). If that is what you're looking for then Fan Page Management may seem like way more than you need. That may sound like a good idea today, but what about 2 months from now? What do you do when you want to do more, or want to expand?

Fan Page Management offers you a Viral Marketing platform, not a product that does one or two things. I've used these features since February 2012 and I've watched it grow to what it is now, a complete Viral and Marketing Platform built to allow you to do things nothing else on the market will.

So why won't I open the membership up to the general public? Because I purchased this tool for my own use. For the first year I only gave memberships to Non Profit organizations and close friends. The second year I started the Membership Giveaway, and there were 3 winners that never took advantage of there winnings. I'm sure you've heard the old saying, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make 'em drink”.

Well now I'll only offer memberships to my site to those that have shown enough interest to sign up for that option. To those when memberships do open they will have the option of purchasing a membership. They can decide not to purchase a membership and buy the tool themselves for several hundred dollars, but by then they will know enough about the features offered with this tool to make a good decision.

Go ahead and spend 2 ½ minutes watching the video and find out what Fan Page Management offers you. And, keep this in mind, what you won't see in the video are the 'other' features added by the plug-in’s I've got installed.

Helpful Facebook Marketing Tips

Facebook Page Administrators have the ability to send messages to every one who "Likes" their Page.  Include a hyperlink to your Facebook webpage in your e-mail and hard copy mail correspondences.  Whenever you offer contests on your Facebook page with valuable awards to those who are following you, you'll frequently get a much better engagement with your overall products.

Fan page administrators are now able to "Like" other Pages as well as feature them within the left-hand column on their own page.  Look at promoting your Facebook fan page employing other kinds of promotion, which includes direct email marketing and print advertising, and also any radio or tv spots your company is displaying.

Think about the ‘Like’ Button
Facebook is known for its ‘Like’ button where by people are asked to click on in a display of support for that item shown. You can easily make use of the ‘Like’ button on Facebook with a Wp blog enabling a hassle-free plug-in add-on to add the renowned Facebook ‘Like’ button on the website.

When website visitors click the ‘Like’ button on the your blog, this will be revealed on their Facebook news feed increasing awareness of the webpage business blog. Internet consumers like to reply to a viewed concern via the Facebook ‘Like’ button to demonstrate their active engagement and free expression with their opinions and thoughts

Make Your Blog Pop With The WP Slider Commander Plugin

The WP Slider Commander Plugin is just so easy to use and your blog gets an eye-catcher.[/customborder]

In the sidebar I'm using it to highlight WordPress Plugin Variety Pack CD, I have for sale. It contains 3 very powerful plugins (and a 30 video WordPress Video library as a bonus, plus a link to specially priced products just for buyers of this CD series. I've already started working on Vol. 2, and I bet you can guess one of the plugins on that volume will be the

WP Slider Commander Plugin.

[pgsm-slideshow id="2"]

Examples of the The WP Slider Commander Plugin in action are to your right, and above. The slider in the sidebar is showing you the WordPress Plugin Variety Pack CD, and each picture is hyperlinked.

WP Slider Commander


WP Script Commander Plugin Stops Loss Of Custom Changes To Your Blog

WP Script Commander Plugin

A unassuming wordpress plugin that gives you piece of mind knowing that if you update your blogs theme, or the wp version you won't loose any custom code you may have added.

Image you hire someone to customize your blog theme to add additional functionality. Then a few weeks later there is an update to your theme, or a wp version update. Before you know it you've hit the automatic update button.

The update finishes and you think to yourself, I hope all my changes are o.k!

Here's another scenario to consider. What if you WANT to change theme's? You're going to either re-hire the person you paid to make those changes and pay him again to move them to your new theme, or you'll try moving them yourself. And, I'll tell you right now, moving someone else code is never as easy as you think it will be.

With WP Script Commander you know your changes are o.k. After a theme update. The same is true after WP issues and update. That's because Script Commander holds your changes and they are not mixed in with your theme, or wordpress files.

It adds a new set of setting where you can add Global scripts that run on every page. See below:



Above is part of the Global settings for your header, either JavaScript, php scripts. Next, below is an image of the footer of the Global settings.


The same as with the header section you can add both JavaScript, or php scripts to be executed on every page.

But, Script Commander isn't done yet. You will also be able to add 'onload' scripts that execute when an action has occurred, see below



The easiest way I can explain 'onload' scripts is to tell you about the sales page for WP Script Commander. On that page there is an 'onload' command that tells me if a visitor has scrolled down the page from 25-75 % . So you see 'onload' commands can be used to provide information, or have it execute another script. That alone is very powerful.

Now, after you've set all your Global settings, each can be overridden within the page, or post.




Or they can be set to run before, or after the global script is run.



Think about how many updates WordPress has issued this year. Think about how many updates your theme provider has issued this year. We know WordPress is fixing things everyday so you are going to get a bunch of updates. My theme provider has issued 9 updates in the last few months and I'm glad every time one comes out because it means they fixed something that was broke, or added some new feature I'm just going to love.


With WP Script Commander doing its thing in the background I never have to worry about braking some code I've forgotten I even added.