Remote Page Management at Fan Page Management


Remote Page Management is just one of the many Marketing Features offered at Fan Page Management.  Remote Page Management is simply the ability to control elements of a page remotely.

The remote control offered at Fan Page Management allows you to control videos, and text on a remote page. You get the control by having a small code snippet placed on the remote site. With the code snippet installed you can add a Video with a lot of options, see below.




I placed two code snippets on the store product page during my testing.

One snippet creates the video, video title, and the box of text below the video.

The second snippet creates the smaller video of the professor, and it will start the main video.

As you seen at the beginning of the video disabling the elements makes they disappear. But, there is more you can do once the snippet is on the remote page.

First of all everything added is completely mobile friendly. Looking at the graphic above you'll have lots of options you can set or not.

The 1) option VIDEO SOURCE lets you set where the video is coming from. It can be self-hosted, youtube, S3, or anywhere you can get a url that points to the video. That option is also where you would set, "Video SEO, FB & SiteMap Data" the search engine sees and helps you get listed by them.

The 2) options as the name suggests is the video "Behavior" is if the video will auto-start, or end. The video size, and if it should start or stop another video.

Option 3) is, "Appearance & Layout". As the name suggests this is where you set how the video will look, skin, left/right, or center. You also get to set Custom CSS, and Tracking.

This post would go on, and on listing the remaining 9 tabs, so I'll save them for another video. Hit the connect button below and I'll let you know as I release new videos.

1-Stop Viral Marketing System Fan Page Management New Fan Page

The weekend of July 19, 2014 I created a new facebook fan page for the Fan Page Management site that will show the viral online marketing features of the site. The new page is 1-Stop Viral Marketing System

The old fan page (Online Marketing System) is still up but it was an experiment started two years ago.

viral online marketing, fan page marketing, 1-stop marketing
Like our new Fan Page.

I wanted to create a new page because there has been so many new features added since the old page was created I wanted to start new.

So, if you're interested in finding out how you can get access to over 100 marketing features that all work together, sign up and I'll send you details by email.

Video Marketing Creation For Video Advertising

Video Marketing Creation For Video Advertising

As a web internet marketer video marketing creation should be part of your everyday life. It will be necessary for you to stay up on using the latest online video marketing strategies which you can use to advertise your company, products, or services. Presently, video marketing is probably the most well-known internet marketing techniques used by numerous online marketers.

Videos also weigh more when being considered by search engine sites like Yahoo and Google. When you or someone search for a certain keyword, the actual search page final result often include videos on top of web-pages. Because of this, most internet marketers use video clip marketing to market their products and services because it provides the necessary exposure that online internet marketers need for their business. Because video marketing is known as one of the greatest internet marketing techniques right now, and the near future you are able to tap into it for your advertising efforts for some time to come. Still before you begin preparing your video advertising strategies the coming year remember video has evolved quite a bit and new techniques are in play.

Interactive Videos

As a result of technological advancements, plain and also boring videos advertisements will become a thing of the past. In fact, nearly all viewers today will be unimpressed with video advertisements that include nothing more than dry power-point slide video campaigns thus one of the most important trends in video advertisement marketing is the usage of interactive video clip campaigns to market products and services. An interactive video advertising involves the use of buttons and links that are embedded in and around the video so that the viewers can select those to become part of the video action. By clicking on the embedded buttons and banners, viewers should be able to get more information and also take part in interactive promotional coupons to give them a better user experience while watching the video advertisement. Thankfully, there are now tools that give internet marketers the ability to create their own interactive video ads and if you need to you should always hire or use tools that allows you give your videos an interactive features.

Fan Page Management

Is a site designed and built for the sole purpose of providing online Facebook, and WordPress Viral Marketing tools. To grab the attention of today's viewers you need to get them engaged. One way to do that is to get them involved in the action. Fan Page Management does this by allowing you to add as many as 15 banners into your videos that can lead the viewer to different pages. Each of these pages can ask the viewer to perform a number of actions, or just display different information.
There are over 100 marketing features offered by Fan Page Management. So far I've only told you about some of the video features, but now let's get to some of the features added to your blog if you get the WP & Facebook Membership. With the Fan Page Editor Membership you will have access to features like Comment Reveal, Like Reveal, and even Send Reveal on all your Tab Pages. With the WP & Facebook Membership you'll have those features on your blog post and pages. You'll also be able to post your pages and post directly to your Fan Page Timeline. If you have SSL on your domain you can post and play your videos on your Timeline. There are two video scheduling modes like this page, that displays one price for 30 mins and then changes when the timer runs out. This page also shows the Video Overlay feature. It allows you to add a second video with a transparent background to appear on your page when and where you want.

I could go on for hours telling and showing you the features Fan Page Management offers but it will be much easier to do that by email. There are no Buy Buttons on the site they will be delivered by email to those on that list when spots become available. This list will only receive emails about Fan Page Management and its features. The only exception will be an occasional product that would fit well with those features of Fan Page Management.

So, if you ever want to break out of the habit of purchasing marketing product after product and hoping it will work well with all the other marketing products you have purchased Sign Up Now, and see that there is a better way.

Does Your Marketing Involve Chasing Shiny New Marketing Products

 It seems a new one comes out every month. Ask yourself How Many Marketing Products have you purchased in the last 6 months? Also, ask yourself What Features Are You Still Looking For? Lets see how the products you purchased in the last 6 months stack up to the features offered by Fan Page Management.

  • Add Launch Sequence (up to 10 videos) with Timer To Your Tab Pages, or WP Post and Pages.
  • Host Your Own Videos, and add To Any Website.
  • Add Social Sharing Buttons To Videos. 
  • Add Banners, and Paypal Buttons To Videos. 
  • Add Video SEO & SiteMap Data To Each Video. 
  • Setup 10 Videos With 1st Video Starts 2nd , and 2nd Video Starts the 3rd, so on. 
  • Insert “Walk On” Videos.
  • Create & Manage unlimited Tab Pages.
  • Add Custom Headers. 
  • Add Custom Footers. 
  • Add 1 or 2 Sidebars. 
  • Add Custom Menu’s Main and Footer. 
  • Several Templates To Make Page Creation Easy.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Get Full Details by Subscribing to Mailing List at the end of the video.


Engagement Strategies That Make Your Fan Page Likeable

Engagement Strategies

Your page should have a human feel to it. People like pages to connect with, so make sure you connect with them.

Be real with your fans. If you're real with your fans they'll like, and trust you, and that is what you what.

Talk about your business experiences. Talking about your brand will give it life. That will help make it real for your fans.

Deal with negative comments right away. Gone are the days you could wait a day or two before responding to negative comments. With customers posting in real time, you need to respond quickly.

Engage positive commenters. Social networks makes it possible to be sociable with your customers, or fans outside of your business.

Provide real value without charging for it. A great way to build trust and credibility.

You should always be thankful for your fans for their support, and let them know it.