5 tips for building Facebook fan pages

Facebook is the largest social media network and it continues to grow on a daily basis. As a result of this growth and the fact that people use Facebook constantly, many businesses are taking advantage of what it has to offer. Not only can building Facebook fan pages allow you to connect with your existing customers and build a relationship, it can introduce you to new customers and continue to grow your business. If you have not yet built your fan page, here are some tips that can help you to do so successfully.

Get Some Help - If you are technical minded, you may be able to build fanpages without too much difficulty. For those that are not technical minded or who want to make the most of that page, you can use a Facebook fan page management system. You will find that this type of system walks you through the process of setting up a page and helps you to use it more effectively.

Engage Your Users - Your users are the lifeblood of your business and your online marketing. Make sure that you are engaging them in joining them in the conversation when possible. When you are talking to your users, it will be seen by their friends and it will give you the opportunity to grow your fan base.

Avoid Advertising - Facebook can be a great resource for new customers but you need to be cautious when it comes to advertising your Facebook fanpages. With a single click of a mouse button, people can ignore you and they will stop seeing any of your updates. Make sure that you are building relationships with individuals through Facebook and when it does come time to advertise your business in the post, it will not be received poorly.

Limit Your Posting - One of the problems that is experienced by many businesses is that they get carried away with posting information. Although it is a good idea for you to regularly engage your fans, don't overdo it. Posting one or two pictures a day is going to be entertaining, posting one every hour is going to be annoying.

Understand the Rules - Facebook, like any online enterprise has rules that must be followed. It is important for you to stay within those guidelines so that you don't attract attention to your Facebook fanpages and run the risk of having them shut down. If you are cautious not to offend your friends by avoiding posting anything offensive, you will likely be within those guidelines.

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