ATTENTION is a mandatory ingredient to advertising, effectively
The cost of this ingredient has been rising steadily for some time now. Consumers control where their attention time is spent so to keep your advertising budget from growing out of control you need to find ways to get consumers to want to spent their attention time with you. And, for that,
You Are In The Right Place!


One Central Control

Level One gives you Central Control over all your Tab Pages on all the fanpages you manages.

You'll control the Headers, Footers, Menus, Sidebar Content, and Main Content from one location.

Tools Are Constantly Updated

Platform came out in 2012 and has been constantly updated as WordPress, and Facebook makes changes. New features are constantly being added to so your marketing can keep pace with today's marketing needs

No Conflicts

Everything Works TogetherThis is One Platform with many features, not many different plugins. There are No Conflicts because all the features are part of a single product. The power of this is really appreciated when WordPress, or Facebook makes changes. No need to track down several different developers to get updates.

Two membership options. Option One includes all the marketing tools listed on the Membership Options Page. Those tools can be used with your online pages, and on Facebook.

Option Two adds all the viral marketing tools from level one to YOUR blog.